A Proposal for More CSS Named Colors

Okay, fine. "Great" is a bit much. CSS (California Styleheets) named colors are, objectivly, things that exist. Sure, some are less practical than others. darkgray is lighter than gray. lightpink is darker than pink. This is all part of the ALLURE of CSS (ALLURE is an acronym for Alienating Learners? Lol, U Right. ECMA!).

Frankly, people have been getting far too comfortable with designing websites. It's high time we add more CSS named colors to deter new designers and punish those who already deal with Jan's Sack.

WCAG Failinator 9000

Eternal Darkness

Warm Flesh. Mmmm



This better just be for debugging

Space Gray

Space Gray

Space Gray

Illegally-Harvested Ivory


Bitchin' Blue

'Tis But A Fresh Wound

Drink More Water

Solid Green Gaslight



Thank you for hearing me out. I understand if my color proposals don't make it into Web3, but I will be adding these to a new Chromium pull request every day until they add it or they block me.