My Read Later List

A news app icon badged with 1,457 unread items.
A news app icon badged with 1,457 unread items.

I have a serious hoarding problem with articles. Since I started visiting Hacker News, the problem has gotten far worse. Don't get me wrong, I read the articles I saved to my read later list. Just a tiny fraction.

I have a couple hour-long train rides each week and I tell myself that it's the perfect place to read a few articles. Maybe some short blog posts, maybe a long op-ed, who knows. I have a recurring reminder set up to tell me to read when I get on the train. And without fail, I tell past me to go pound sand because I'd much rather stare out the window and think m'thoughts.

No longer. Sorta. I've decided to open my read later list and put my debilitating personality trait on full display. Something something sunlight is the best disinformation.

Fair warning: I forgot what I did this morning let alone what I saved a few months ago. If you like anything on this list, you're welcome, I knew you'd like it. If you take issue with anything on this list, I disavow everything I did before, like, last Thursday.

Update: I've read some of them! A true Christmas miracle (it's January). Read items are struck out.